How to Use your Dickey Smoker "Load it, Light it, Leave it"

The Grill is NOT on!!  You are cold smoking, before you cook it.

1) Fill the Dickey Smoker™ up all the way with the natural wood Dickey Loads™ ( If you don't fill it up, make sure the loads are packed near the opening and place the Dickey Smoker on its side, horizontally.  It works fine that way.)  

2)  Push lightning bug, round side down into the loads.  Leaving most of the top of bug exposed.  Put a few loads on top of bug, and light bug with dickey torch. Keep continuous torch flame on bug, and around bug for at least 44 seconds. 

3) Place the lit Dickey Smoker on the grill vertically. At this point, it should have a candle-like flame. Let burn for 10 minutes, this will ensure the dickey smoker gets lit and the smoke will start rolling.  Go in and get your food and prep, while the dickey gets going.

4) Place meat or vegetables on the smoke rack or grill grates. Blow out the flame on the Dickey Smoker, and close the lid. Now you are Dickey Smoking, infusing your food with an awesome smoke flavor for as little as 30 minutes or up to 2 hours, to taste. We suggest 1.15 hours for red meat, and 2+ hours for white meats for optimal smoky flavor.

5) Remove the meat, season as you see fit, fire up the grill, and cook normal. You will find that less seasoning is required when using the Dickey Smoker. You can leave the Dickey Smoker on the grates while grilling; it will continue to infuse a delicious flavor.

Enjoy!! We know you’ll love it as much as we do.